Here we GrOw!

We are so excited here at Revitalized. You see, we are growing, and because of this growth we need our OWN new website. Problem is, we are so busy helping other customers that we haven't had a chance to finish it up. But don't you fret, Revitalized is alive and doing well and our new site will debut soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or needs that we can help you with, please don't hesitate to call us at 910-547-6595, or email us at We are not fans of putting "In Construction" sites up, but in this case it was necessary. We are moving at break neck speed to get this new site up and running for you....

For almost 25 years the designers at Revitalized have worked endlessly to provide the highest level of website design, redesign, search engine placement, social media optimization and website hosting, ALL AT AN AFFORDABLE RATE. With over 1,000 completed projects over the years under several companies such as InterCo Systems, Golf WEB Designs, Builders WEB Builders, Monarch Media Corporation and Community Values, Revitalized has consolidated and is now one company. Our websites have received millions of visitors, been at the top of search engines and featured in publications around the world.

Whatever your web-based marketing needs are, Revitalized is THE intelligent choice. We are effective, affordable and work individually with each customer to create the best possible site for the dollar.

So, if you are in the market for excellence, we are here to help. We look forward to hearing from you and stand by for our great new website!

Companies and websites that we have recently had the privilege of working with:

Recent Completed Websites

Brand New:
Sterling Custom Construction, NC
ArtWork Builders, NC
America's Best Choice Windows, NC
Palm Realty NC
Jessie & Myers Construction, NC
Bristol Building Company, LLC, NC
Mountain View Homes, GA
Bennett Construction Company (NC)
Ken Kiser Homes (Gen 3), NC
Ken Kiser Home Plans, NC

Classic Plains Construction, GA

Coastal Shutters (NC)
Builder Pro (NC)

Parkland Communities, GA
Hudgins Property Group (GA)
Value Added Construction, NC
Waldkirch & Saunders, NC

Fitzwater Construction, GA
Ashford Homes, GA
Millennium Foundations, GA
Jim's Bathroom Remodeling, GA
North Georgia Building Supply, GA

Currently In Design:
WKB Construction, NC
Hixon Builders, GA
Metropolitan Design-Build (GA)