About Us

Helping our clients reach their goals is our goal

From humble beginnings in Los Alamitos, California in 1994…

At the corner of Katella Avenue and Los Alamitos Boulevard in a small, ivy-covered office building, in a 130 square foot executive office is where it all began. reVITALized began as Community Values, a local print advertising company and InterCo Systems, an upstart web design company.

The company was founded by Paul Calvert Black, who remains the principle owner today. Our company was one of the very first web design firms in the Los Angeles basin, and our efforts to produce quality website designs were featured in Advertising Age Magazine in 1995. 

Through the years we have had the opportunity to work with companies of all sizes and types, design and market hundreds of websites, survive global economic crisis’ and help our customers reach their goals.

Today, reVITALized has its home office in Wilmington, NC and serves the region with excellence in website design, SEO, offline marketing, developing collateral materials, PPC online advertising and print advertising design. 

At reVITALized we offer big-agency level website design services at a price small business, home-based businesses and start-ups can afford. But unlike big agencies we give each of our clients our full attention. We work one-on-one, directly with you to come up with a game plan and a strategy that will help your website achieve positive measurable results, and then implement that plan always keeping in mind the end result.

We are committed to transparency, open communication and achieving a clear understanding of each client’s goals. This helps ensure our projects create profit for our clients, not stress.


Our Pledge To You

1) Protect Our Clients Vision
2) Focus on Solving Business Challenges
3) Provide Direct Access to Aktiv Leadership
4) Build a Long-Term Client Partnerships
5) Protect Clients Budget
6) Meet Obstacles with Honesty and Transparency
7) Help Businesses Understand Their Analytics
8) Build Platforms for Self-Sufficiency
9) Provide Agency Service with Boutique Client Attention
10) Guide Clients Users Towards Business Goals

Paul Calvert Black – Owner, Project Senior Designer

A native of the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland, and a transplant to both California and then North Carolina, Paul is the founder and driving force behind reVITALized Web Design. In his 28 years of marketing and advertising experience, Paul has successfully designed and developed over 800 website projects, and has served the needs of business owners in over 30 states and several countries. He has worked with “mom and pop” businesses, start-ups and multi-national companies.

Paul is a graduate of Indiana University and is currently in the MBA program at East Carolina University with an emphasis in marketing. 

Paul started his marketing and advertising career in 1994 as the owner of a print-ad advertising firm. Because there were no classes, no university programs and no certificates in web-design, Paul self-taught coding and programming in HTML, CSS, JAVA, JavaScript, VB, VBScript, PERL and COBOL. Paul would spend many late nights learning how to blend coding with advertising. Today, Paul uses WordPress as his main design platform which enables him and his team to focus more on design and less on the coding aspects of websites, enabling the design process to be more cost-effective and feature rich for clients.


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